Why Robot Coupe Food Processors is best Option for Industrial Purposes

In 1960, the first model of robot coupe was manufactured by Jackson. He was a French caterer who noticed that the chefs working in the kitchen were taking so long in cutting, chopping, mixing etc. He got an idea that there should be a simple way to do all of these tasks easily and in less time without too much manpower. Then a company named Robot Coupe was developed with its first food processor for the catering industries. He convinced the owners of the restaurants that by using this equipment they can save a lot of time as ‘time is money’ in any industry. Now, Robot coupe is very well known throughout the world, especially in Europe and America. Their devotion and determination to produce a competent and reliable product for customers made them the standard of the industry around the whole food processing industries. The company is famous for making reasonable and durable equipment which can meet the needs of the customer. For many years, they have been awarded several times for their high-quality products and satisfactory customer. 

 Robot Coupe appliances include commercial food processors, preparatory units for ages, and connected processing units. Appliances of Robot Coupe are simple to use with multiple attributes to provide a comfortable life to customers. The food processors they make are for multiple tasks, for example, mixing of fruits, meat, and nuts. It can also be used for making any type of dough as well as for potato mashing and cutting salads. Their processors are not exclusively bowl models but in fact, they are made for continual feeding, whereas some models have bowls also with them but are not retailed with other equipment. Countertop and floor processors are accessible with a couple of velocities. A major advantage of picking a Robot Coupe commercial food processor is the adaptability you get with it. Robot coupe offers in excess of 50 cutting plates, so you can accomplish the correct cut you require. Most importantly these food processors have super durability as we can use them for years.

 The names of some the most popular models of Robot coupe are:

Robot Coupe blixer: it’s basically a 2 in 1 model; chopping and blender in one machine with a capacity of 2 ½ quartz. If you want to perform tasks like pureeing, crushing, and grinding to make sauces then just go for this model.  It consists of stainless steel bowls which assure that there will no leakage.

Robot Coupe R2N: it consists of 2 attachments; one for slicing and other for grating. The stainless steel bowl can bear 3 quarts of food and has a continual feeding tube. This model is the absolute combo of power and durability. It requires a small space to fit. It is able to yield 1000 of servings just in an hour.

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra: it has a high capacity processor with 1 hp motor and has almost the same features as an R2N model. It has the ability to cut anything in various cuts.

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