We are living in such a busy era, where everybody is busy in their clock to clock life routine. We hardly find time of our own self. In this busy and tiring schedule, we desperately look something to relax our mind and body. Some people just sit and listen to soothing music to keep their mind and soul relax. Some watch comedy movies to light up their mood and relax their minds.

Massage is another and a very famous way of relaxing. However, it’s not a new technique. People do massage through oils and other moisturizers. There are so many spas are there for this purpose. They provide awesome massage services in order to relax your body and refresh your mind. Massaging tools are also available and widely used across the world.

Massage chair is also a big name when it comes to relax the body. It has electric massagers and vibrators that produce the special sensations which calm your mind as well as the body. It is manufactured with a special motorized system that provide massage strokes which make you feel like that there is some massage therapist behind the chair.

As every other machine comes with both advantages and disadvantages, the massage chair also has some. Let’s talk about some pros of the chair. Well the biggest advantage is it reduce stress by pressing the pressure points. The pressure points of spine directly connected to the nerves. This is how you feel light and relax on the chair. It controls your anxiety as well and lead your mind towards positivists and possibilities.

The massage chairs relax your muscles too. If you have a muscular pain, then massage chair is a very good option in order to heal it (it’s worth it). It also helps you in maintaining your figure and correct your body posture. It’s so helpful in improving the blood circulation. 

Now let’s discuss some disadvantages. Well people often complain about the vibration which couldn’t reach to all the spots because of this reason people fail to experience the soothing and healing sensation. Some massage chairs have restriction on users’ weight, well the people with heavy weights are unable to take advantage from this chair (isn’t it fair?). You can also read best massage chair reviews and order on their Official Website.

Next issue is its high cost. It is extremely expensive investment for sure. If you are thinking about buying one for your personal use, then you need to start saving from now. Another big disadvantage of the massage chair is its heavy weight. You just cannot carry this here and there without the help of two three people. So, think before placing it. 

Massage chair is a very comfortable way to relax your body. It release you from tensions and stress, and a lot of pros we have discussed above .But yes there is one thing you just can’t ignore and that’s its very pricey .As long as comfort is concern its is a very nice option to soothes your mind and body So, enjoy and relax .Happy massaging.

Pros and Cons of Using a Waist Trainer 

Every one today want a slim figure; it is believed that beauty is solemnly based on it and waist training is one the best way to look slim figure. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are wearing it and it has become a trend today. Many women all around the world are using this to get an hourglass figure by reducing their natural waist size and highlighting their curves. Let’s discuss its advantages first.

Advantages of Waist Training

Reduce Waist Size

The first benefit of wearing a best waist trainer is that it produces a constant constriction around your waist that finally reduces your natural waist size.

Weight Control

Another benefit of waist trainer is weight control, it helps in reducing wait by restricting the amount of food you eat; remember the claims of marketer about it fat burning is only scam. Don’t believe on the fake claims but its effect on eating is comprehensive

Improves Posture

Wearing waist trainer also improves your posture and helps you to maintain your posture while standing and sitting. Waist Trainer provides the necessary support to your back so that you look slimmer in your outfit and feel yourself confident as well.

Help New Moms to Recover

Moreover, using waist trainers helps new moms to recover their firm abs and getting natural ab size after giving birth to a baby, so one should use this to get earliest recovery

Accentuating your Bust line

Last but not least; it accentuating your bust line and reduces reduce back pain and pressure in women with large breast.

Disadvantages of Waist Training

As waist trainers have many benefits but when it comes to darker side of its use, we also have some disadvantages; although they are less but I would like to mention them as well.

Feel Discomfort

Many experts criticize the use of waist trainers because it tied tightly around your waist and make you uncomfortable. Almost all women who are wearing this feel discomfort but they neglect this pain due to its advantages.

Bruising and Muscle Injury

Another disadvantage of waist trainer is that it can cause bruising and muscle injury, when you wear waist trainers that are too tight for extended periods; you may be a victim of it.

Breathing Problems

Some people also have problem of shallow breathing, downward pressure, and restricted movements.

Improper Digestion

Another opinion is that wearing waist training during meals; hamper proper digestion and in some people, it causes acid reflux.

Weakness of Abdominal Muscles

Another word of caution is that wearing waist training can cause muscle weakness and sometimes lead to muscle atrophy. It can also cause problems in abdominal muscles as they become lazy to support your back

So, you should not use the waist training or should decrease its duration of use if you have problems like restricted breathing, inhibited movements, bruising or downward pressure on your pelvic floor. Now, both the advantages and disadvantages of waist training is revealed and is helpful for those who are using and are planning to use this in near future.